Meet the Team

Say hello to our lovely officers and amazing team members.

jenna uri tackle
Jenna Hernandez

Hi! My name is Jenna Hernandez. I am a senior, graduating in the spring of 2016.  I am in the Morrissey School of Arts and Sciences, majoring in Political Science and minoring in Biology; I am also participating in the interdisciplinary program of Global Public Health. I was first interested in playing rugby when I came to orientation my freshman year. I loved sports and always wanted to play football so I decided to give it a try when I came to school in the fall of 2012. I have never made a better decision during my college career. Rugby at Boston College is a family, your support system, your daily workout, and your stress reliever. One of my favorite rugby moments was playing against UCONN in the fall of 2012 (my first game) and catching the ball during the first kick-off of the game! My parents and brothers were there and I was happy I didn’t drop the ball!
+Fun Fact: Pizza and Ice Cream are my favorite foods

Jess Pfost


Courtney Blair
My name is Courtney Blair! I will graduate in the year 2017 and I’m in CSOM with a concentration in accounting and a minor in philosophy. I was first interested in rugby because I really missed being a part of a team like I was in high school. Rugby presented a great way to make friends and get involved at BC. I also work in the intramural office at the Plex. I love rugby because it is a sport where everyone is a part of every play, and it’s a fast paced game that involves strategy and a lot of athleticism. I have two favorite rugby moments. First, when USA beat New Zealand for the first time in women’s rugby. Second, in our BU playoff game, we had a 5m scrum and the scrum half passed it to their Fly half, she dropped it backwards and I ran up, kicked a grubber into the try zone, then dove on it and scored. Rugby has taught me self-confidence, how to love myself, and gave me a life long group of friends. Rugby has been the best part of my college experience!

Sarah Bradley
Hi all, my name is Sarah Bradley but just go ahead and call me Bradley! 🙂 I am going to be a junior and this will be my fourth season playing rugby at BC! I’m a student in the Lynch School (the BEST school), studying Secondary Education and English; I’m also an RA and a research assistant on campus. I joined rugby on a whim and it has been the best decision I’ve made as a student at BC! Rugby is an incredible family. And so, so much feminism. All the feminism


Sarah Strohecker
My name is Sarah Strohecker! I’m in the Lynch School of Education, a.k.a the Ravenclaw house, with a double major in English and Secondary Education. If you couldn’t tell, I love Harry Potter and reading in general, hence the English major. I’ve been playing rugby since I was a sophomore in high school. I’ve only broken one bone though. Rugby has helped me learn so much about myself as a person and realize that I truly can do anything. I am pretty shy, so rugby gave me the chance to make a solid group of friends at BC. In addition, it helped me learn that I have a passion to teach and coach in the future. My favorite rugby moment would have to be in our Cape Cod 7’s rugby tournament this year. We caught the kick off, it was passed to two people then whipped back to me and I saw the space and ran 70m for a try in the first 7 seconds!! We went on to play so well the whole day and won our division in the tournament! My other interests include listening to acapella group, Pentatonix, and all the shows on Netflix basically. 


Isabel Calo
I am a student in the Carroll School of Management with a concentration in Finance as well as an International Studies Minor. I am the a Financial Coordinator for UGBC (Undergraduate Government of Boston College) and a Marketing Account Manager for CAB (Campus Activities Board). I joined Rugby in Spring 2014 because I missed playing a competitive sport, but I gained friends and a strong team bond along with a great way to stay in shape. Some fun facts about me is +Fun Facts: went to the 2015 World Cup in Brazil!

Joi Dallas
Hi guys my name is Joi. I’m from West Philadelphia, born and raised. BC and, more specifically, the Lynch School is my new home. I am an Applied Psychology and Human Development major. My passion is educating and mentoring young people of color, but when I’m not hanging out with middle schoolers you can find me on the pitch!

Jillian Bjorn-Caron
My name is Jillian and I’m a sophomore in the Morrissey School of Arts and Sciences (and completely undecided!). I joined rugby in the fall of my freshmen year on a complete whim, simply because I love sports and the team aspect of sports in high school (I had been on the track teams all throughout high school, so I had never even really done a contact sport!) Walking to the first practice, I even told myself I could quit once I made it through the whole practice if I didn’t like it! Clearly, I chose to continue coming, and since then I’ve truly made my best friends on the rugby team and I now have about thirty other girls who I can always lean on if the situation arises. Rugby was a great way to find my home at BC, making my transition to college smoother than it would have been otherwise and I honestly can’t imagine my first year without it!
+Fun Fact: I can slalom waterski (waterski with one ski)!

Jenna Moscarelli
My name is Jenna, and I am a sophomore psychology major from Guilford, Connecticut. I joined the rugby team at BC because I played team sports throughout high school, and I wanted to try something new! I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I joined, but now I can’t imagine my college experience being any other way. I met some of my best friends at BC through rugby, and I have found a supportive group who I can always count on, on and off the field. The adrenaline rush you get after you break a tackle is definitely my favorite part of the sport,
+Fun fact: didn’t know rugby was a contact sport before joining.


Laura Krivicich
Major: Biology, Pre-Medical concentration
I started playing rugby because I wanted to play a sport that demanded exceptional physical fitness and adaptability. Before I played rugby, I did gymnastics, track and field, and cross country. At BC, I’m also involved in the Athletics and Wellness division of the student government, UGBC, where I promote healthy living and provide resources for students regarding physical activity. I love playing rugby at BC because rugby is quite simply the greatest game I’ve ever played
+Fun Fact: I studied abroad in South Africa and worked with lions!

Nichole Moore

Molly Collins

Julia Bals
Hi everyone! My name is Julia Bals and I am a psychology major on the premedical track from Las Vegas, NV (yes people do live here!). I joined rugby on a whim and it’s been the best decision I’ve made since coming to college. Rugby helped me to find my niche here at BC and helped me meet amazing people that I wouldn’t have gotten to know otherwise. This is going to be my fourth season on the team and since then I’ve gained great friends, a home away from home, abs of steel (conveniently hidden under layers of Eagle’s Nest Sandwiches and El Pelon), and confidence that I can tackle anything (pun 1000% intended).
+Fun Fact: Has a second degree black belt in Japanese sword fighting


Monica Thorne
My name is Monica Thorne and I am in the class of 2018 at Boston College. I am a Biochemistry major, and I work as an Undergraduate Research Assistant in one of the biology labs on campus. I joined rugby at BC because I wanted to play a sport in college, and rugby was something new and interesting I had never tried before. I love playing rugby because it’s the kind of sport that facilitates friendship between teammates, and I grew very close with my fellow ruggers in just one year of playing.


Jenna Berquist
My name is Jenna Bergquist and I am majoring in International Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences class of 2018. I first saw the rugby table at the involvement fair and knew that I wanted to play. I love sports that push your limits as well as contact sports, making rugby the perfect sport for me. While the sport is amazing, the people are even better. Rugby is a sport for hooligans played by gentle(wo)men



Jade McGrath
Hi my name’s Jade McGrath and I’m in the College of Arts and Sciences, class of 2018. I’m Canadian-American, but I’ve moved around a lot and my family has lived in the Middle East for the past 8 years, so I don’t really have a “hometown”. I grew up playing basketball, volleyball, and softball (never ever rugby!), but I always wanted to play a contact sport. Choosing rugby was one of the best choices I ever made. I love the sport, the people, and everything that comes with it. Being part of this rugby family has made my transition into living in America for the first time so much smoother and has given me a place I can really call home here at BC. Saturday’s a rugby day!